The Quinn Brothers

Trusting You

I’m broke, single, rocking my last decent pair of underwear and back sleeping in my childhood bedroom.

That’s where the embarrassment ends, right?


My meddling mother forces me into a job interview at a local brewery that involves serving beer while wearing lederhosen.

Liam Quinn, my bearded, grumpy boss is struggling to save his business and needs my help.

We strike a deal. I’ll help out for a few months and then I’m hightailing it out of this small town.

But soon, there’s more than beer brewing between us and I learn just how generous my grumpy boss can be…

Finding You

Have you ever had your grumpy fisherman neighbor jump at the chance to be your fake date?

Yeah… me neither…

But that was before I came to the small town of Havenport to escape the city and figure out how to save my legal career. Now, I’m distracted by my growly neighbor doing pushups…


In gray sweatpants.

Did I mention he’s got tattoos, long hair and a beard?

So I’m a bit shocked when he agrees to swap out his gray sweats for a gray suit to accompany me to a charity gala.

But there’s nothing fake about the way he growls at me. Kisses for show turn private and heated, and then every one of my rules gets broken.

But Declan Quinn isn’t the kind of man to let a good thing slip away. He may have caught me, but can he reel me in for good?

Keeping You

He was my first kiss. My first love. And my first heartbreak.

Twenty years later, our reunion is not the meet-cute I imagined. Instead, it’s a meet-puke when I find Callum Quinn throwing up on my front lawn.

We’ve both come a long way since high school. I’m a free spirit single mom, back in town with twin boys and a family farm to save. Even though we’re both divorced and carrying baggage but my heart still beats for the dirty talking good guy.

Will a roll in the hay for old time’s sake be enough to get this out of our systems?

He was my first love, can I make him my last?