Lovewell Lumberjacks

Wood You Be Mine?

The first time I met the grumpy lumberjack next door, I almost burnt down his cabin.

The second time, I was throwing tampons at a moose (don’t ask).

The third time, I was naked.

And Henri Gagnon is not just my neighbor and landlord, but a pain in my optimistic, plus sized ass. He’s
got a protective streak under his grumpy exterior and he’s convinced I won’t make it through the Maine

I’m going to show him and the rest of this small town that they’re wrong. I have one year to prove myself
as the new elementary school principal or I’ll be getting the ax. So I just don’t have time to pine away for
the grumpy lumberjack next door, no matter how good he looks chopping wood in his suspenders or the
way he growls when he calls me buttercup.

But soon I’m falling headfirst down a hill, and into a full blown crush when he carries me home. He’s
distracted trying to save his family’s lumber business, and I’ve got a school to run, and this small town is
not as sleepy as it seems. But despite our differences, the heat between us makes it hard to stay away.

Could we actually be right for each other? What happens if I ask him if he Wood Be Mine?

Wood You Marry Me?

What happens when you accidentally throw a blueberry pie in your brother’s best friend’s face?

You marry him a week later for health insurance, of course.

Dreamy lumberjack Remy Gagnon is not just my brother’s best friend, he’s my new husband—thanks to
my pesky gallbladder.

One year. That’s our deal. I need surgery and I need to finish my PhD, and Remy’s training to become a a
professional timbersport athlete. We’re both focused on our goals, leaving no time for feelings.

Easy as pie, right?

Not exactly. Because he shows up on our fake wedding day with my favorite flowers, builds me
bookcases, and he calls me his wife every chance he gets.

So when I enter us in a wife carrying contest to beat his cheating ex, all bets are off. Running through the
woods with my legs wrapped around his muscular body has me thinking this marriage of convenience is
anything but.

But what happens when our year is up? Could I ask “Wood You Marry Me?” for real?

Wood You Rather?

My new fake boyfriend? I can’t stand him. Pascal Gagnon is a broody lumberjack with a pine tree
stuck up his self-righteous ass.

He needs my help investigating his father’s accident, and I need the work to help my PI business get off
the ground.

We’re total opposites—he’s an uptight control freak, and I’ve been described as a hurricane. Forced to
live together to keep up appearances while I gather evidence, we bicker nonstop, but the fake relationship
ruse is the perfect cover. Even if it means having to tolerate his shirtless piano playing.

This small town is hiding secrets, and as we work together to uncover them, things heat up between the
sheets and in the case.

The danger is as real as the feelings I’m developing for my fake boyfriend. As we close in on the truth, can we also find our happily ever after?

Wood Riddance

Finn Hebert. Viking lumberjack. Pilot. Single dad. And my sworn enemy. 

Not only is his father responsible for the demise of mine, but our families have been feuding for generations. Too bad I’m about to add a new member to both in nine months. 

Because, as it turns out, I don’t hate him nearly enough. He loves my smart mouth and short fuse, and he thinks I look beautiful in oil-stained coveralls. It was supposed to be one storm-trapped night only. But one taste of forbidden fruit is never enough. Soon, we’re sneaking around, keeping our relationship a secret. 

Our families may never coexist peacefully, but there are others in this small town who may be the real enemies. And we can’t keep this secret forever.