Off Limits.

She’s too young for me.

Too nice for me.

And she’s my little brother’s ex-girlfriend.

So why can’t I keep my hands, and my heart, to myself?

Lila Webster is my temporary assistant. That’s it. But I’m distracted by her gorgeous face, her sharp mind, and the sunshiny smile that burns straight into my grumpy soul.

I’m determined to keep my head down and my hands off. In a few weeks, I’ll head back to my life in Boston and leave behind the moose, the lumberjacks, and the crazy small-town gossip.

But between the thefts, break-ins, and constant danger, my family is counting on me to clean up the mess my criminal father left behind. And she’s the only person I trust to help. Our late nights, road trips, and inside jokes bring us too close and make it difficult to stay away.

And soon, I can’t stop myself from taking what’s not mine.

We’ve both been burned by the small-town rumor mill, so we agree to sneak around. But things don’t stay secrets in Lovewell for long, and it’s only a matter of time before we get caught in the act.

I know that when I go, I’ll be forced to leave my heart behind. Because no matter how badly I want her, she can never truly be mine.