Wood You Rather? (Exclusive)


My new fake boyfriend? I can’t stand him. Pascal Gagnon is a broody lumberjack with a pine tree stuck up his self-righteous ass.

He needs my help investigating his father’s accident, and I need the work to help my PI business get off the ground.

We’re total opposites—he’s an uptight control freak, and I’ve been described as a hurricane. Forced to live together to keep up appearances while I gather evidence, we bicker nonstop, but the fake relationship ruse is the perfect cover. Even if it means having to tolerate his shirtless piano playing.

This small town is hiding secrets, and as we work together to uncover them, things heat up between the sheets and in the case.

The danger is as real as the feelings I’m developing for my fake boyfriend. As we close in on the truth, can we also find our happily ever after?

Authors Note: Wood You Rather is a standalone, full-length small-town romance featuring a broody lumberjack hero and a strong, sassy private investigator heroine. If you enjoy idiots to lovers with nonstop banter, wood chopping, blizzard snuggles, and endless moose shenanigans, then come visit Lovewell, Maine!

About the Series: Welcome to Lovewell Maine, where the moose outnumber the people, and you can’t swing an axe without hitting a grumpy lumberjack.

Each book in the series is a standalone. However, they are most fun when read in order.


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