Wood Riddance? (Exclusive)


Finn Hebert. Viking lumberjack. Pilot. Single dad. And my sworn enemy.

Not only is his father responsible for the demise of mine, but our families have been feuding for generations. Too bad I’m about to add a new member to both in nine months.

Because, as it turns out, I don’t hate him nearly enough. He loves my smart mouth and short fuse, and he thinks I look beautiful in oil-stained coveralls. It was supposed to be one storm-trapped night only. But one taste of forbidden fruit is never enough. Soon, we’re sneaking around, keeping our relationship a secret.

Our families may never coexist peacefully, but there are others in this small town who may be the real enemies.
And we can’t keep this secret forever.

Author’s note: Wood Riddance is a standalone full-length small-town romance featuring a persistent lumberjack pilot and the sassy mechanic who hates his guts. If you enjoy strip axe throwing, wood chopping, enemies to lovers, and nonstop banter with a dash of suspense, you will not be disappointed. And don’t worry, Clive, the mischief-making moose, makes several appearances.

Welcome to Lovewell, Maine, where the moose outnumber the people and you can’t swing an ax without hitting a hot, grumpy lumberjack. Filled with humor, heart and heat, the Lovewell Lumberjack Series will melt Kindles in 2023.


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